Welcome! I'm a self-taught AI researcher now taking a couple of years to research and build a community that lasts for decades.

In 2017, I co-founded a wonderful community called the Archive. Living there for 4 years completely changed me and taught me a metric ton about community. Here's where I share my learnings and exploration:

A roundup of my social media posts about community

My dream is to build a neighborhood of 15 to 50 friendly ambitious nerds in a great city where we'd be able to raise wholesome & agentic kids together. Even as a kid, I pinky-swore with my siblings that we'd live in 3 adjacent houses in one culdesac.

Right now, I'm developing preliminary answers to some key details:

Web of Questions

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My engineering career, in reverse order

Before this expedition into community research, I was a Machine Learning Researcher at Generally Intelligent, where I helped build a self-supervised system that solves infant cognitive development milestones from object permanence until we reach human-level general intelligence. I also designed and prototyped a collective intelligence tool for AI research called Exobrain. I plan to resume my AI career sometime in 2023.

I also do machine learning contracting work, but I'm not taking any new clients at the moment, sorry.

Before that I was the Founding Machine Learning Engineer at Sourceress, where I built the models and training pipeline, automated it, redesigned our data collection, and hired a team.

Prior to that I was a software engineer at the nomadic university startup Minerva, where I built the grading system and helped with the classroom product.

And my first engineering job was at Clinkle, where I became the lead web developer within a year of learning how to code. But we don't talk about Clinkle. Just kidding. It was wild.

During this time I was also teaching myself how to code. I actually started my career in a dead-end finance job with no technical skills! It took 1 year to learn programming, 2 years to learn computer science, 2 years to become a machine learning engineer, and lastly 3 years to break into AI research. Here's my journey →

Finance → Tech

I'm glad I never read a doc like this back then, it would've scared the crap out of me.

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