Welcome! I’m a self-taught AI researcher on sabbatical to coordinate a neighborhood in central San Francisco where hundreds of friends in coliving homes live within a 10 minute walk of each other. It’d be as homey as a small town and as lively as a college campus, while still having all the advantages of being right in the middle of a big city. Even as a kid, I pinky-swore with my siblings that we'd live in 3 adjacent houses in one culdesac.

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Nov 21 #4: A glimmer of product-market fit

Sep 21 #3: Writing about a Web of Questions

Aug 21 #2: NYC coliving would look very different than SF

Jul 21 #1: A new understanding of community

Selected writing about community. My favorite posts, essays, and tweets about community that are representative of my thinking at the time:

Jan 22 🏦 The BYO Landlord idea

Jan 22 πŸ’¬ Strategy for building the Neighborhood

Dec 21 πŸš™Β Choosing a location for the Neighorhood

Dec 21 πŸ‡«πŸ‡·Β 93 Cumberland as a hangout space for the Neighborhood

Dec 21 😍 The dimensions of scenius, and how we might reproduce that culture

Jul 21Β πŸŒ† Surprising differences between SF and NYC

Jun 21 Research sprint: secular churches in the Bay

Jun 21 The story of Archive Cohousing: Q2 '19 - Q2 '21

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