This house is so J it hurts even me. Some of these processes don't even seem like they were problems first (like the water boiler) but if they pull it off then power to em.

Some of my favorite ideas from here:
  • You can miss obligations to "follow your dreams" 😄. We gather Monday evenings to celebrate together and nurture all edges, with a meal from our Chef, Marisa. We start at 8:10pm. Unless you are out of town or following your dreeeaaams, if you are late you will go onto our Shame board. Shame can be repented with procurement of ice cream or wine
  • House Retro! We meet Friday mornings from 8:30AM to 9:00AM for House Retro, a place and time set aside for us to intentionally come and reflect on the best and worst of Dreamship... we aim to approach these situations with epistemic humility and as a chance to grow and learn
  • A channel to check while you're grocery shopping: Staples like Bananas, milk, butter, can be purchased for the house out of the Treasury budget. These items were picked because they benefit the majority of shippies. If you notice that an abundance item is running low, post the item in the #abundance channel. If you find yourself at grocery store, you can check the #abundance channel and react to any items you plan to purchase with a ✅
  • Some items can be refilled with amazon dash buttons. If you notice that we are low on trash bags, tide pods, or cascade dishwashing packs, press the nearby dash button! The dash button will blink green, and the item will be ordered online and delivered within a few days. I love this!! Update: we already have it.

Dreamship systems doc

Welcome, to Dreamship, shipmate! Here’s what to know to make your voyage a success: Rent Rent will be $XXX/month per person. In addition, a $300 per person Dreamship All Inclusive Monthly Amenities Fee will cover Utilities, Cleaning, Shared food, and other spending as the house may decide. We c...