Condorcet voting is similar to instant-runoff in that it considers ranked voter preferences.

Where they differ is that Instant-Runoff would select very polarizing choices, as long as they had the most #1 ranked votes, where Condorcet voting selects the "most consensual" choice by doing head-to-head matchups between each pair of choices.

Condorcet voting method – Open Agora blog

At Open Agora, Condorcet voting system is like our Philosopher’s stone . A source of development and progress for Humankind which we try to promote through our values and products. This article will present this voting method using a concrete example. Using another example, I will demonstrate some advantages of Condorcet system when a consensus, i.e. a decision which satisfy most of the voters, is needed. This voting system was created by the French mathematician Nicolas de Condorcet at the end of the 18th century.