Cultivate your information environment

This note was dictated February 2020 and is mostly not edited.

Well you probably need some kind of consolidation phase. we're all generally always exposed to good ideas especially if we have a good information environment. The first step is cultivating information environment. You need to make sure that you're reading good books, books that no one else is reading, listening to great podcasts, reading from good sources like a well curated RSS feed, you need to skim those triage those articles and put them into your pocket, then you need to send the best articles to your Kindle, then you need to read those articles on your Kindle every night ideally.

Once you've got a good information environment you need to consolidate an interconnect those ideas and there's a lot of different ways to do this. Should the first step be to compress each source extract the best ideas? Or should you only really be tracking your ideas as you read? The formers more time consuming but lets you look back on them over time. It's also more searchable and more discoverable. But the latter keeps the information value of your note system higher. Wonder if I should be doing this in Evernote and having them just post immediately to my website somewhere. Actually that might be kind of cool. I just type directly into Evernote it's automatically posted as I have those thoughts. It sinks automatically posts. That's actually quite a good 1,000 words system. Then at the end of the day I read my vomits added them slightly move my best ideas to Rome interconnect them. just make sense to maintain multiple systems like this? Where does notion fit in.

There's something to be said for just randomly walking around you know on caffeine talking into your phone like this. Just trust your brain to make the weird connections. I don't feel like I'm making a ton of interconnections right now but I can just kind of rambling. But it's quite a good writing experience otherwise. Maybe if I if I was speaking from an outline or if I wanted to hit a bunch of like good points. Then this could work speaking from an outline would make a lot of sense that would help me speak off the cuff from quick notes pages. Ooh I quite like that for being eloquent off cuff for giving good speeches. This would really help. Like the better I can go straight from rough outline of ideas rough topic rough series of things to think about and riff on those to fleshed out speech while articulated essay The two of those would ideally feel the same and I can practice my delivery at the same time practice thinking on my feet. The only thing I'll have to unlearn is the same period in common the middle of Friday speech. But always I'm so been impressed with my dad's ability to just give speeches. I wonder how long it takes me to speak a thousand words and also saves my hands. This is just actually quite the beginning of a brilliant system. Next is an exercise some fresh air. This could be a 20 minute way to start my morning everyday working a writing habit in the mornings immediately have caffeine walk around Dolores Park walk all the way to work beautiful system.

The writing hobbit is the most critical piece that's missing for me right now and flashcard habit of cultivated a good information environment, surrounded by great friends, I have people that I can ping for thoughts, doing pretty good. Getting feedback more frequently on my ideas and writing them out both less good at the moment. But with a bunch of good ideas some word vomits well the idea would be go from word vomits where I just speak out a bunch of times on a bunch of different days, to compressed nuggets insights connections, to an outline, to the whole spoken essay. And I can test these things as I go as well I can write one essay a week this way just by waking up 20 minutes earlier going on a walk and talking like this in the morning I love this. Could also use the system to think through different parts of my life I think through my research I could like do more compressed versions of this system to write community blog posts I could use this to create raw material for scrivener so I can sit down and write new assays on maybe Saturday mornings or Friday nights. I could make my writing habit I do it up on the roof be interesting. Just love the idea of only having to remix and edit my thoughts from my 1,000 more comments. If I even well I do like the idea of producing just a ton of these and publishing them all like why not.? Giving people more insight into my mind and how it works because I admire how visa does it.

There's another important piece here which is asking the right questions. Wondering things. Putting them on a list of questions to think through and talk about critical. Opinions to flush out, questions to answer sorts of different stuff. And I can track these in Rome. And I can answer them in Evernote. Well I might be published, it's awesome.

another have to get into is getting feedback from people more frequently on my intermediate thoughts I can do that in chat Jason just post my distilled 1,000 word vomits The insides that I've generated into flows and make that the theme of my channel questions I'm working through things I wonder not really sure if I should publish these I think then keeping them to myself publishing the finished result will be fine.

everyone is full of great ideas. You just need to give them space to come out. They don't even realize how many good ideas they have how excited they would be, if only they just went for a walk to think about them. If only they just gave themselves space. Watching too much TV is like removing agency, you live vicariously through other people that you see on TV, you forget to live your own life. You sit for just a minute and your brand starts to generate ideas starts to think of things to do your motivation is internal, your ideas are internal, but when you over stimulate your brain, you forget that they're there. The urge to distraction, the urge to be entertained, comes before the motivation and ideas start to flow. And because entertainment is so easy, because it's always at hand, it's rare that it comes out. I think going on walks and having ideas every morning would be the kind of habit that could launch me into being good at Twitter. Including like mischievous are funny tweets. I'm just a question of getting in the right mood, not that kind of mood, letting them flow. Think of jokes.