Inboxes dashboard

Post-mortem / reflection:

The idea was to hold myself accountable to build wisdom by logging hours in various buckets. This was too overwhelming to look at: I don't really want to see every thought from the last 6 months. Instead, I want to follow my curiosity, and get out of my own way. There's a convenience and relief to how old thoughts just slide out of the brain.

March 8th, 2020

  • I want a Inboxes Dashboard for thinking.
    • Goal workflow: look at it, pick a thing to "write", and be on my way. Without having to open my computer in the morning.
    • Not to build: sparklines of all my thinking, worldviews, values, whatever. Not useful to see progress. Just inboxes.
    • Not to build: reading inbox.
    • To build: outlines, outlines inbox, writing inbox, questions. Maybe turtle questions?
    • MVP: all of these windows, in parallel, on my RPi.
    • Prototype it here
    • Hard to look at, and would want more randomness.
    • Then go build it!!

February 25th, 2020

  • If I had a dashboard, what would I use it for? If it doesn't change much, I won't look at it.


  • I'm not achieving my goals quickly enough.
  • I'm not putting in the actual hours. Having this dashboard will make me more aware of the literal number of hours invested.
  • The wisdom I am accumulating is not visible.
  • I don't think deeply enough about the things that are most important to me.
  • I don't make connections between the things I learn and read every day with my biggest goals and directions.
  • My QS dashboard isn't an effective gut check: it's just "do I gut-level feel like I'm on track here?" isn't based in reality.


  • Top level:
    • Inputs: attention towards each life area, compared to goal allocation ranges.
    • Outputs: progress towards next goals in each area
  • And underneath that:
    • Inboxes. Feeling: confidence (that I'm not dropping the ball), acceptance.
    • accumulating wisdom. Feeling: satisfaction, curiosity.
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Roam queries, with all of my recent readings?
      • Outlines and their size?
  • Mechanically, this would be a different space on my Mac desktop.
  • When I don't update for weeks, it should be fine - there shouldn't be a pile of TODOs when I'm back.
  • Elements
Raspberry Pi
Keyboard, mouse
Monitor (can find one in the Study)
Prototyped dashboard