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A thinking funnel

How do I filter and integrate the content I consume into behavior change, durable memory, or published artifacts? Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the stuff I read for fun, I’m not a masochist.

Top of funnel: my “information diet”, reading, podcasts

Sep 23 🎻Using AI to chat with my aspirational self

⭐️ Aug 23 Notes on being a great thinking partner

Jan 21 Moving voice notes into my PKM

Nov 21 🧳 The one downside of a MarginNote

⭐️ Oct 21 🌈 The Reading Make-It-Rainbow

Jun 21 🏃‍♂️ One-hour research sprints switch me out of passive content consumption

⭐️ Apr 21 📹 MarginNote is my favorite tool for syntopic reading

Mar 20 📈Inboxes dashboard

Feb 20 📚Reading books as the top of a wisdom funnel

Feb 20 💐Cultivate your information environment

Mid-funnel: connecting, processing, internal notes, lit reviews

Nov 22 🥊 LLMs as dialectic sparring partners

Nov 21 ❄️ What does your brain think about, while resting?

Nov 21 📝 Why Logseq is the best writing app

Nov 21How to know if a Roamlike is best for you

⭐️ Nov-Jan 19 💥Designing my attention by building an emergent map of my mind

Feb 19 👣 Sometimes I record conversations and use verbal bookmarks

Bottom of funnel: writing, behavior change, memory

⭐️ Jul 21 🤖 Anki is PERFECT for memorizing trigger-action plans

Apr 20 ♦️ I can automatically export flashcards from Roam to Anki

Apr 20 ♠️ Roam flashcard export is idempotent

Wellbeing and focus


Oct 23 🕊️Notes on suffering and purification

⭐️ Nov 21 ✅ My daily habits spreadsheet is essential for my overall wellbeing

Jun 21 😶‍🌫️ I "compute a gradient" for myself during Weekly Reviews

Mar 20 🗑 I made an extension for managing my gf’s LinkedIn inbox harrassment


Jan 21 😪Meditation for sustained stable attention: takeaways from the Mind Illuminated

⭐️ Oct 18 🕝I made a tiny RescueTime dashboard for the Mac Menu Bar

⭐️ Mar 18 😅 Removing inbound distractions dramatically improved my productivity

⭐️ Feb 18 😩 I had an unproductive day and am feeling demoralized