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⭐️ Apr 24 🧬#12 Launching City Campus

⭐️ Feb 24 🛠️#11: the Village Retreat, Treehouse, and Cohousing

Jan 24 🎭 Renaissance Weekend is an inspiration

Jan 24 🔮 2023 was about coordinating people, 2024 is about cohousing


⭐️ Dec 23 🧬 Announcing our next unconference: HammingBio Symposium

⭐️ Jul 23 🤖#10: The Unconference to Community Pipeline

⭐️ Jul 23 🛠 The unconference toolbox

⭐️ Mar 23 💘#9: The Neighborhood’s First Unconference

⭐️ Mar 23 💘Califlorence Climate: reflections and takeaways

Mar 23 🦷 The Grassroots Gauge: the key community health metric


⭐️ Nov 22 🤯 #8: The Summer of Spaces

Nov 22 👻 Rituals should come from existing traditions

Nov 22 😅 Sustaining the slow hunch is a matter of cultivation

⭐️ Nov 22 🗺 Let’s build Flock to increase serendipity with your best friends

⭐️ Nov 22 🤗 Retreats that turn strangers into squads do these 5 things

Nov 22 👵🏼 Squads → long-term friends

Nov 22 🗽 Neighborhood NYC has chosen a spot!

⭐️ Nov 22 🧭 You’re invited to Explorers Club

Nov 22 🍵 A Research Sprint, powered by the Stable Marriage algorithm

Oct 22 👨‍🎤 A theoretically optimal social graph shape for great research

Oct 22 ⚙️ We’re building a makerspace in the Neighborhood

Oct 22 👷‍♂️ New construction in SF is 30% higher than last decade’s average

Oct 22 🙃 The discovery of meaningful work happens in 3 ways

Sep 22 🗺 People who love SF live here

Sep 22 🎉 Huge YIMBY victories today

Aug 22 🗺 Underrated areas of SF

⭐️ Jun 22 🦞 Rust governance: “escalating consensus, experts consulted early”

Jun 22 🪐 Beware the unseemly desire for the Inner Ring

May 22 🎰 Ennjoyable, unplanned interactions convert acquaintances to friends

⭐️ May 22 🎉#7: Launching The Commons

Apr 22 🌩 Norms, events, and infrastructure that might contribute to scenius

Apr 22 🔬An event I’d like to see: Lightning Talk Mashup: Biotech & AI

Apr 22 🥞 Our simple insight: build where people already want to live

🌟 Apr 22 🏛 Vision, Capital, and Governance

Apr 22 💸 Lessons from taking four sabbaticals

🌟 Apr 22 🤓#6: Becoming Hyper-Local Real Estate Guy

Feb 22 🐚 Which of our friends are already living in our 3 candidate locations?

🌟 Feb 22 🥇 Choosing the location of the Neighborhood

Feb 22 🏫 Campuses could replace the university and the accelerator

⭐️ Jan 22 🕵️‍♂️ How can we discover homes before they hit the market?

⭐️ Jan 22 🤷‍♂️ The Neighborhood is a campus, and shouldn’t be too opinionated

⭐️ Jan 22 🏦 The BYO Landlord idea

⭐️ Jan 22 💬 Strategy for building the Neighborhood


⭐️ Dec 21 🚙 The top 5 locations for the Neighborhood

⭐️ Dec 21 🇫🇷 93 Cumberland as a hangout space for the Neighborhood

⭐️ Dec 21 😍 The dimensions of scenius, and how we might reproduce that culture

⭐️ Jun 21 😤 I quit my job...!

⭐️ May 21 🏅The MacArchive Genius Grant & pre-idea accelerator

⭐️ May 21 🥂Scaling relationship building

⭐️ Dec 20 🔥 Elliott Jin interviewed me about cohousing: the 18min summary

⭐️ Oct 18 🤯 Megyn Kelly interviews us about coliving on live, national TV

⭐️ Aug 18 👩🏼‍🎤Interview with Andrea Martinez from the Embassy house in SF


🏡 A list of coliving spaces in the Bay Area with availability

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🧬#12 Launching City Campus

🛠️#11: the Village Retreat, Treehouse, and Cohousing🤖#10: The Unconference to Community Pipeline🍳Breakouts: how to divide labor fairly in coliving houses💘Califlorence Climate: reflections and takeaways🎰Uncategorized writing💘#9: The Neighborhood’s First UnconferenceSupport my work for the Neighborhood🎉#7: Launching The Commons🔬An event I’d like to see: Lightning Talk Mashup: Biotech & AILog: parenting and education in the Neighborhood🤓#6: Becoming Hyper-Local Real Estate Guy🎃#4: A glimmer of product-market fit🕸️#3: Writing about a Web of Questions👟#2: NYC coliving would look very different than SF🌱#1: A new understanding of community🌉What neighborhood in SF has the best weather?😆I tried scripting Tinder to recruit housemates🤲New coliving residents must learn Ownership MentalityQuestions to ask other communities⛓️How to ask a resident to leave🦉What's a good definition of wisdom?🏘Inspiring cohousing communities🏘The story of Archive Cohousing: Q2 '19 - Q2 '21😫Participation at the Archive, and how to support disengaged housemates👩🏼‍🎤Interview with Andrea Martinez from the Embassy house in SF🏅The MacArchive Genius Grant & pre-idea accelerator🚲Day in the life of an Archive Distributed Neighborhood🐠Choose to make your best friendships the most convenient ones🥂Scaling relationship building🏘Highlights: Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities🌩️Not knowing what you want👨‍🍳Web of Questions